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Ground Handing Services

One of our specialties in LTT Aviation is Short turnaround times. Speed, efficiency and accuracy are important in ground handling operations in order to minimize turnaround time and ground handling costs.

Our operations Team recognize that no two customers are the same, and we take a team approach to getting the job done. We offer a fast and stress-free turnaround and excellent ground handling and concierge services.

Our ground handling Services Overview

Station Management and Administration

  1. Station Representation and Supervision
  2. ATC Filing
  3. Flight Operations Assistance
  4. Irregularity Operations Support
  5. Liaising with various port /government authorities
  6. Load Control
  7. Station Control
  8. Weather Briefing

Passenger Services

  1. Airport Ticketing Sales Desk
  2. Check-in Services
  3. Arrival and Transfer Services
  4. Dedicated Passenger Services
  5. Gate Services
  6. Lost and Found Services
  7. Lounge Services
  8. Special Passenger and VIP Services

  Aircraft Servicing and Ramp Handling

  1. Aircraft Loading/Unloading
  2. Baggage Sorting and Transportation
  3. Cabin Cleaning
  4. Crew Transport
  5. GPU, Push-Back
  6. Unit Load Device Control
  7. Toilet and Water Services 

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